Operation School Choice

Every large city in America has dozens and dozens of high schools in it. And in these schools the students are taught a great many things across a large number of subjects. Of course, schools are where the young go to get educated; they are where various views and perspectives are openly discussed and where adolescent minds begin to form opinions that will likely stay with them throughout their entire lives. But what do these same students know about the grim reality of abortion? What open discussions are they having in their sex education classrooms about the fact that 1/3 of all teen pregnancies end in abortion and that teenagers account for over 20% of all abortions in America annually? The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform knows the sad answer to these questions and that is why it has developed “Operation School Choice.”

A typical “School Choice” operation will focus on a high school for an entire week. In the mornings, as the students arrive by foot and by car, we continually loop the campus with our 22 foot billboard truck displaying large images of aborted fetuses, while our volunteers are stationed on the ground at the major points of entry with smaller 3×4 signs and literature/videos so that we are assured that a good percentage of the student population will have a very hard time missing our message.

This type of operation has a large number of positives going for it. First, our weeklong presence creates sustained contact within a usually inquisitive student body. Second, this operation is relatively inexpensive and is not overly time consuming for the director or the volunteers. Third, the entry points of most high schools are usually very few and this offers us a great opportunity to condense where our message gets delivered. And fourth, because these students still live at home, the tension these signs create brings more of the community into the discussion of whether abortion should be a legal choice.

In the end, the statistics tell us that it is very critical that we reach these impressionable high school students with the pro-life message before they go to college, where their views tend to become more “pro-choice” and where the pro-life perspective is even more openly ridiculed and disdained by tenured educrats. We must not fail to educate these sexually promiscuous students about a life and death topic that almost nobody else is willing to reach them with. In all truth, these graphic images can cut through years of mis-education in a single moment.

Jason Walsh

Southwest Region Director

Center for Bio-Ethical Reform



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